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The rocky lands of Aitos.

Aitos is an area in ActRaiser. To access the area, the Master must be at least level 6.


Aitos Act1

The Master leaping across the mountain-scape of Aitos.

Act-1 takes place across the grim mountains of Aitos. For the majority of the first area, the Master will be assisted by a pair of large doves holding a platform; while on this platform, he must dodge projectiles and slay monsters in his path. From there, he must climb down into an active volcano to proceed to the next area.

The next area is a massive waterfall with rocky platforms jutting from the stream. The Master will encounter two new items here: Crush and Flame Sword; the latter is invaluable when fighting the boss.





Aitos is covered in rocky terrain and forests; the Master will have to scour the landscape with Lightning in order to provide room for growth. Unlike other areas, the people here do not require Wheat. After destroying the Skull Head, one of the villagers, fatally injured, will request the Master's tears. Shortly afterward, the people will require a casting of Wind to make their windmills function.

Once most of the lairs have been destroyed, the people will discover Sheep's Fleece. Once all of the lairs have been destroyed, the volcano will begin to spew fire onto the village. Oddly, though, this will never be able to destroy any houses and doesn't stop the people from building. It does, however, lead to the next Act.

Aitos has a maximum population of 802.


Monster Lairs[]


Aitos Act2

The Master deep in the volcano.

The once-dormant volcano is now rife with demons and monsters. The Master must be careful to avoid the lava; even the divinely-strengthened body cannot withstand a dip in lava. This is a fairly basic Act, short and not terribly difficult as compared to Acts before it.



Fire Wheel


Guiding the people to the base of the northeastern mountain will cause them to launch an expedition to the summit. Once the mountaineers reach the top, they'll discover a Source of Magic. This can be done before Act-2.