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Sky Palace

The angel from ActRaiser

Being a god, the Master has many angels at his disposal.


"I am the Angel sent to help you recover your lost strength. Now, all types of monsters are in total control of the earth. This all came about because of a demon they call Tanzra, the one who sealed your power. In order to restore your power, you will need to rekindle the people's faith in you. But first, let us go down to the earth and destroy all monsters, that we may establish a peaceful land for our people to dwell in."

-Angel, ActRaiser

In ActRaiser there is only one angel. This angel helps the Master to rebuild his followers' areas in Sim Mode. This angel is the Master's guide throughout the world, offering various pieces of information, as well as introducing you to the storyline. He will often offer his opinion and perspective about the mortals under his care. The Angel is the only way that the Master can influence the events on the surface, short of sending down his avatar or using Miracles. The Angel does not assist in Act Mode.


The Angel cannot be killed. If reduced to 0 Hit Points (it has as many as the Master), it will simply be unable to fire arrows, which is the primary method of defending villagers from the ravages of monsters. A Strength of Angel will quadruple the Angel's damage, and it can use a Bomb! to clear all visible enemies. The Angel will recover a little HP when the town goes under construction.

ActRaiser 2[]

The Master has three Angels that attend to him in the Sky Palace. They exist primarily for information and do not play an active role in the Master's quest.

  • Detector Angel: If the Sky Palace is over a non-combat location, the Detector Angel will appear with his crystal orb and inform the Master about the current location and its situation, and perhaps about the surrounding region. The Detector Angel will also point out other locations for the Master to visit after he clears an area.
  • Warrior Angel: The armed Warrior Angel will appear when the Master is required to incarnate and engage the forces of evil in Act Mode. The Warrior Angel will brief the Master on the terrain and enemies located within the area.
  • Recorder Angel: This angel, equipped with a large book, will appear when the Sky Palace isn't hovering over any location. The Angel will then provide a password to return to the current point.