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Angel (Actraiser Renaissance)


Actraiser Renaissance's navigator and Player character in Creation Mode. Defeat the monsters that are destroying the area with Bow and Arrow. As the Master's messenger, they can exchange words with heroes, listen to petitions, and report back to the Master. Although he has a bit of a harsh tongue and naturally looks down on Humans' stupidity and vulnerability as a member of the Sky Palece, he still has a genuine desire to protect and watch over Humans as lovable things along with his Master. On the other hand, he seems to love delicious food, and when collecting tribute from Humans, the face icon on the status display will smile only for food, and he will taste the high-quality items dedicated to the Temple. , He also shows a snobby side where he eats all the food he wants to offer to the Master, and he also has a childish side that is as good as his appearance, like how he is overjoyed by the offerings of delicious food. but, Anger has an explosive side due to Philotas and Alonso's cockiness and Daniella's sweetness.