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The untamed land of Bloodpool.

Bloodpool is an area in ActRaiser. To access the area, the Master must be at least level 2.


Bloodpool Act1

The Master encountering foes in Bloodpool, Act 1.

Act-1 has the Master running over old, rotting docks consisting of many platforms that he must jump across to reach the end. Below him lies the titular Bloodpool, a murky lake with purplish-red water; falling in is not recommended. There are sequences in which the Master must leap between floating logs that will sink quickly once stepped upon.





The people of Bloodpool will require the knowledge of how to build Bridges if they're to seal Monster Lairs beyond the first. The people will quickly discover how to grow Wheat; if the Master guides the people to connect Eastward to Fillmore, the citizens of Bloodpool will automatically upgrade Fillmore's fields.

Eventually, the worshippers will offer up the Loaf of Bread for the Master, as a villager named Teddy has disappeared. Finding Teddy, and dropping the Loaf of Bread on him, will cause him to come home and offer up the Magic Skull, essential for taking out the Red Demon that the villagers cannot reach. Destroying this lair will purge the poison from Bloodpool, turning the waters pure again. The people will waste no time starting up fishing and will promptly find Magical Stardust in the lake.

After sealing the last lair, the people will become sad but will not approach the Master about the issue. When the Master chooses to listen, the people will state that a monster in the castle by Bloodpool has demanded a tribute, and Teddy has been chosen! The Master must descend one more time to save his followers.

Bloodpool has a maximum population of 874.


Monster Lairs[]


Causing Rain on the northern beaches will result in the people discovering a Source of Life.


Bloodpool Act2

Descending into Castle Bloodpool.

Act-2 takes place in Bloodpool's castle. This fortress is thick with traps and monsters, and will be a test of endurance and agility for the Master. Spikes are a persistent and painful decoration, and durable gargoyle statues will launch fireballs ahead. There are two Origins of Magic here, perfect for fueling extra castings of Magical Stardust against the boss.



Zeppelin Wolf


Clearing Act-2 will award the Master with a Source of Magic. Not too long after, the people will become bitter and resentful, and Bloodpool will not grow any further until the Master returns with Harmonious Music from Kasandora. Shortly after the people have been tamed by the music, they'll offer a single Compass up to the Master.