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The Master vs. the Centaur.

The Centaur is the first boss in ActRaiser. He is encountered at the end of Fillmore Act-1.


The Centaur has a chestnut horse's body and an armor-clad man's upper body. The armor he wears is gray, with golden lining and a red crest on top of his helmet. He carries a lance, which is his primary weapon.

Battle Strategy[]

The Centaur can attack in two ways. The first is when he simply points his lance straight ahead and charges. This can best be avoided by staying next to a wall, where he will not approach, and crouching. This will give the Master the chance to attack a few times.

His second attack is the ability to generate lightning from his lance, which will hit the ground twice right in front of him. Here it is best to simply stay back and wait for the attack to finish.