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The Master vs. Dagoba.

Dagoba is a Anglian princess, gigantic insect encountered at the end of Kasandora Act-1.


Dagoba is a huge, gray antlion, with a much bigger body under the sand.

Battle Strategy[]

This creature has two attacks, other than the damaging touch that all monsters have. First, though, an environmental hazard; the battle occurs in a pit where the sand walls constantly move downward, and the Master will have to keep on the move in order to not contact Dagoba and she will spit out rocks

Dagoba's first move is to burst from the bottom of the pit, flinging several rocks upward that will damage the Master if not avoided. This is also the Master's only opportunity to damage the creature. Both melee and spells are effective. Once the creature dives and back into the sand, one of her claws will appear at the top of each wall and drive downward, attempting to drag the master back down the bottom where Dagoba will repeat the pattern. This is a short, brutal fight one way or another.


A comparison to the very similar name of a planet in Star Wars is inevitable, but the similarity is probably not intentional.