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Death Heim

Death Heim, revealed.


Death Heim is the final area of ActRaiser. It consists of a single Act and is only revealed after the Master has completed all Acts in all other regions. Once in Death Heim, the Master must face each Act-2 Guardian again, in sequential order, with no time for breaks or recovery. The Master must make sure to conserve his resources and strength for each subsequent fight, especially the last. Once all 6 guardians have been slain, Tanzra will then appear for the final conflict. As a bonus, the Master will gain the use of the Flame Sword for the entire duration of the last battle. Each battle takes place with the same, eclipsed background. If the Master falls in battle here, he'll begin again at the guardian he was fighting against. Against Tanzra, though, he'll have to defeat Tanzra's first form again. The bosses have been slightly modified from the originals, in that they are much faster. Most of them have faster projectiles as well, especially Kalia's lightning lance.

ActRaiser 2[]

ActRaser2 Death Heim

ActRaser 2 Death Heim, revealed.

Death Heim is the final area of ActRaiser 2. It is protected by a powerful barrier and cannot be entered until the end.