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The desert land of Kasandora.

Kasandora (Cassandra in the Japanese version) is an area in ActRaiser. To access the area, the Master must be at least level 4.


Kasandora Act 1

The Master traveling the monster-infested dunes.

Wherein the Master must travel across the desert dunes to clear away all of the monsters before he can proceed to alter the climate. This is a straightforward area, but the scorpion-fly hives can be difficult to traverse; the Master must take care here in order to avoid falling. There are a couple of Whole Apples here to keep up the Master's strength, making this a relatively easy Act to complete.





The Master's primary goal is to flood away the sand with Rain, allowing the budding civilization to have land in which to build and plow. The Master should plant Wheat with the first field, so that all subsequent fields will also be wheat. Monster Lairs are invisible under the sand, but careful observation will reveal their location. Monster Lairs cannot be sealed until they've been revealed by Rain.

Soon after starting civilization, an adventurer will wander into the desert, and the people will beseech the Master to guide them to the wanderer. Once the Master guides them to the now-dead man, the worshippers will find a Source of Magic and create Harmonious Music, which can be used in Bloodpool. Another Source of Magic can be found by guiding the people to build in the southern mountain range, east-most side.

With careful cultivation of his followers around this time, the Master will have enough SP to cause an Earthquake. If an Earthquake is caused before the end of Act-2 (and after the Northern pyramid is revealed), then a Source of Life can be discovered, as the Earthquake damages the pyramid and causes bits of it to fall off. At this point, the Master should go back and "bulldoze" Fillmore, Bloodpool, and Kasandora, and allow them to rebuild so that he can face Kasandora Act-2 with as much power as possible.

Kasandora has a maximum population of 874.


Monster Lairs[]


Kasandora Act2

The Master encounters a mummy in the pyramid.

With all monster lairs sealed and the pyramid revealed, the Master must dive into the trap-laden structure to save his people from the evil within! This area has a diverse allotment of monsters, and the Master will also have to evade spikes, arrow-shooters, and falling stone traps.





Soon after completing Act-2, Kasandora will fall under a terrible plague, and growth will stop completely. Only the Herb from Marahna can save the people.

Guiding the people to the eagle-like geoglyph in the Northwest will cause them to find the Ancient Tablet, which is used in Marahna. The geoglyph also provides a clue as to where the Master should use Lightning to uncover the treasure.