ActRaiser Wiki

The Master, in addition to Miracles, is capable of casting elemental magic. Each casting consumes a Source of Magic.


Magical Fire[]

Magical Fire.

This spell shoots an intertwining blast of fire in either direction away from the Master. It's a speedy spell that may hit large targets multiple times due to the fire stream. It's found in Fillmore after blasting a mound of rocks with Lightning.

Magical Stardust[]

Magical Stardust.

The most powerful spell is acquired relatively early, obtained in Bloodpool after blasting away a Red Demon Lair with the Magic Skull. When cast, meteorites shower the immediate area. While each meteorite deals minor damage, they rain down for a few seconds, enough to wipe out most enemies and deal heavy damage to bosses.

Magical Aura[]

Magical Aura.

The arguably-second strongest spell causes four blue spheres to rotate outward around the Master. Also highly damaging, especially to those monsters who must engage in melee. However, far away creatures may be missed. It's found on the Eagle Island in Marahna, after giving the people the Ancient Tablet found in Kasandora.

Magical Light[]

Magical Light.

Magical Light summons a pillar of purifying light from the Sky Palace, which then wipes away from the Master, damaging all in its wake. Though easily capable of wiping out minor enemies, it's not nearly as effective against bosses. The people in Northwall will offer this to the Master once the northern lake is unfrozen.

ActRaiser 2[]

Magic spells are not selected, per se, they change depending on the Master's current position and direction.

Fire Breath[]

While standing still, the Master can emit a short ranged ray of fire from the tip of his sword.

Earth Force[]

Activated when ducking, this spell creates a burst of energy around the Master that will damage anything that touches it. Good for defense and impending melee attacks, but too short-ranged for most offensive purposes.

Raging Bomb[]

When looking up, this spell lobs three fireballs forward in an arc. This is one of the most powerful and useful spells in the Master's arsenal, capable of burning down bosses in short order if used intelligently.

Aura Shoot[]

While gliding forward, the Master can shoot a small bolt of force from his sword, useful for taking out minor monsters in his flight path.

Spark Element[]

This spell can activate when the Master is floating downward, blasting out four electricity spheres diagonally.

Thunder Bolt[]

When downstriking, Lightning Bolt strikes in a vertical line above and below the Master.


Phoenix can be activated when the Master is downstriking at an angle. When cast, the Master's sword becomes aflame in the likeness of a Phoenix. This spell gives a large damage bonus to the already-mightiest of the Master's attacks.