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The Master vs. the Manticore.

The Manticore is a boss from ActRaiser. He is fought at the end of Bloodpool Act-1.


The Manticore has yellow fur and a green mane with spikes going down its back. He has a pair of wings on his back, though he does not use them to fly.

Battle Strategy[]

The Manticore leaps around the arena, trying to stay opposite of the Master while barking off fireballs. The monster's pattern is to leap to a high point, and trying to launch a fireball with each landing, then back down again, ultimately diving into Bloodpool. After a few seconds it'll leap out of the lake to repeat the pattern.

It's nearly impossible to hit with Magical Fire, so melee attacks are the best way of damaging the Manticore. A good tactic is to jump where the Manticore is, dodge the fireball, and then follow the creature to the other side, landing a few hits as it recovers from the jump, following it to the other side, and repeat.


  • A manticore is a vicious, chimera-like flesh-eating monster from Persian mythology.