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Master (Actraiser Renaissance)


Protagonist of "Actraiser Renaissance".

Possess a Warrior statue in ACT Mode and fight monsters with the Great Sword. He doesn't speak, probably because of the composition of Master≒Player. According to Angel, he is "a person who loves others and doesn't know what it means to give up." He fell asleep after being defeated by Tanzra, but woke up several hundred years later and stood up to take back the World. In addition to having the "miraculous" power to manipulate natural disasters, she descends into stone statues, temporarily incarnates, and defeats monsters herself.

Appearance of the Warrior statue possessed by the Master[]

Unlike the Protagonist "Master (ActRaiser)" from "ActRaiser", his feathered helmet now resembles a circlet, and his hairstyle has been changed to long silver hair. Furthermore, the voice variations in Action Mode (when attacking, taking damage, or losing life) have been increased.