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The Master vs. the Minotaurus.

The Minotaurus is the boss of Fillmore Act-2 in ActRaiser.


The Minotaurus appears as a minotaur with gray skin wearing nothing but a red loincloth. He holds a golden axe, which is his primary method of attack.

Battle Strategy[]

The Minotaurus battle is simple, yet can also be troublesome if the Master is careless. He will spend the battle leaping straight up and coming back down where the Master is standing. When he lands, he will swing his axe in the Master's direction, which will create a flying energy axe that will fly out in that direction.

To defeat the Minotaurus, keep moving so he will not land on you. Wait for him to swing his axe, and jump to avoid the energy axe and attack. The Master will be able to get a few hits in before he jumps again.

If timed carefully, Magical Fire can deal a lot of damage quickly.


  • The Minotaur is a classic monster from Greek literature.
  • His stage and domain may refer to Roman mystery religions, and especially to those worshiping the god Mithra, which were considered cultish, enigmatic, and involved the sacrifice of bulls, and were kept secret from the public eye.