ActRaiser Wiki

The Master is capable of causing Miracles, or Acts of Nature. Each casting requires a certain amount of SP. Miracles are only accessible in Sim Mode; in an Act, the Master must rely on his Magic instead.



Cost: 10 SP.

The Master calls down a stroke of lightning, clearing away forests and piles of rock. Any monsters in the path of the bolt or the ensuing flames will be destroyed. Lightning is also one of the two Miracles that will destroy structures.


Cost: 20 SP.

This useful Miracle can clear away the sand in Kasandora and reinvigorate fields that have been dried out by a Red Demon. It also has a few other very specific uses.


Cost: 30 SP.

The power of the Sun can dry up marshlands, such as those in Bloodpool, and melt the thick snow and ice of Northwall.


Cost: 80 SP.

The primary use of this power is to clear all visible monsters, much like a Bomb!. The citizens of Aitos also require it to power their windmills.


Cost: 160 SP.

This powerful Miracle will destroy any housing that isn't at the highest level (3, which is only accomplished with the destruction of all Monster Lairs) and may have effects on the terrain, such as in Marahna. Note that causing Earthquakes is essential to building up the Master's level to the highest possible, as the people will replace the remains of lower level housing with higher levels which hold more people. With careful management of Fillmore and Bloodpool's population, it's possible for the Master to attain the SP necessary for casting this power soon into Kasandora.