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The frozen tundra of Northwall.

Northwall is an area in ActRaiser. To access the area, the Master must be at least level 10.


Northwall Act1

The Master, dealing with a frost gargoyle in Northwall.

The Master must travel over a snowy landscape, fending off birds and ice barbarians, and avoid falling into icicle-spike pits. After a short while, the Master will find an entrance into the ice caves. There are many foes in these ice caves, and the Master will also have to travel on floating ice blocks over icy waters. In the second ice caves around, the Master must avail himself of sliding ice blocks in order to reach high ledges over spiky pits.



Merman Fly


Northwall's civilization phase is the most difficult yet, simply due to the monsters. The two Skull Heads not only cause Earthquakes, but their physical damage alone can put the Angel out of commission long enough for the Blue Dragon and Red Demon to wreak havoc without interference. The Master should have a stock of Bomb!s and Strength of Angel, and there's no need to conserve them here.

First though, the Master must melt the snow with the Sun. Blasting the temple with Lightning will also cause a worshipper to part with a Source of Life. After sealing the first two lairs, the people will learn how to build Bridges, and can then tackle the other two lairs. (note: if you build to the south over the river before you have the chance to build bridges, the build cursor square will lock over that square and you will lock yourself out of beating the game.) However, development of Northwall will soon stop unless the Master can present the people with Sheep's Fleece, obtained in Aitos. Once the last lair has been sealed, the people will beseech the Master to save their beloved tree from the monsters that inhabit it.

Melting the ice on the north-eastern lake will allow the people to start fishing. After a while, the people will find Magical Light.

Northwall has a maximum population of 650.


Monster Lairs[]


Northwall Act2

Encountering foes in the branches of the giant tree.

This massive tree hosts many evil monsters which the Master must clear. Floating eyes, ice barbarians, manic birds, and many others will attempt to stop the Master, making this the toughest Act yet.

Reaching the inner trunk of the tree, the Master must climb upward. A part of this area is floating upwards on bubbles, but the bubbles will eventually stop and pop if stood on for too long. The Master can extend their life by hopping on them.



Arctic Wyvern


Right after clearing Act-2, Death Heim will reveal itself and the Sky Palace will appear above it. However, the Master should make sure that all areas have maxed out population and all desired offerings have been taken. Northwall will offer a Source of Magic if the Master visits again.