ActRaiser Wiki

Simulation Mode in ActRaiser is where the Master fosters and guides his worshippers. It's in this mode that the people build houses, seal Monster Lairs, and uncover items that can help the Master proceed in the rebuilding of his power. An area's Sim Mode can only start once the first Act has been cleared. Once cleared, the Master will erect a shrine at the location of the first act and create two worshippers to start the growth. In Sim Mode, the Master does not directly affect the growth of the inhabitants, except by two means: using Offerings and causing Miracles.


As his worshippers increase in number, so will the Master increase in power, gaining one additional HP and 20 SP per level. There is always an Act before and after every Sim Mode.

Town Under Construction[]

An area experiences a period of growth roughly every 12 seconds, designated with the words "Town Under Construction", and a burst of new people will emerge from the shrine. During this period, all other activity is halted. Monsters are not spawned, and the Master cannot initiate any commands. Since new monsters are not generated, though, this is a prime time for the Angel to dispatch any current monsters.

Also, during this phase, the Angel will recover a small amount of HP and the Master will recover a small amount of SP.

Improving Civilization[]

As the civilization improves, more people will be generated per growth period. While under construction, 6 people will leave the shrine.

  • Level 1: Each person represents 4 people.
  • Level 2: Each person represents 6 people.
  • Level 3: Each person represents 8 people, and all buildings are also Earthquake-proof.

Growth Status[]

Checking the status will show one of several conditions:

  • None: No population yet. The Master will have to clear Act-1 in that area to start a civilization.
  • Norm: No interference with growth.
  • Slow: Something is inhibiting rapid growth, but there could be a number of causes:
    • Listen to the People, as they may inform the Master what's going on.
    • It's time for Act-2.
    • The people have achieved civilization level 3, and need lower level housing cleared away to build larger structures.
  • Stop: Something has completely stopped growth. Until the issue is dealt with, no further growth will occur here. "Stop" status often occurs for the same reasons as "Slow".
  • Max: The population for the area is maxed out and will not grow further.


The people will offer up items to the Master after passing certain population goals, sealing lairs, or accomplishing area-specific goals. Many times, an offering will be required for another area, such as Aitos' Sheep's Fleece required by the people of Northwall to be able to build in the cold climate.


The Master can use Miracles to affect the land and the inhabitants therein. Each Miracle consumes a certain amount of SP. Most areas will require extensive use of Miracles to tame the land.


The Angel functions as the Master's hand, guiding the path of the people, defending the people from monsters, and reporting on the various goings-on. The Angel has the same amount of HP as the Master, but the Angel cannot be killed. If reduced to 0 HP, he'll only be unable to shoot arrows and will have to wait until the next "Town Under Construction" to recover a few HP and regain the ability to shoot.


The Angel can use two items:

  • Strength of Angel: This quadruples the Angel's damage, which allows the Angel to one-shot all monsters except the Skull Head.
  • Bomb!: Like the Crush found in Act Mode, this item destroys all visible monsters. The Master will gain SP for each monster thus killed.

Monster Lairs[]

Each Sim Mode starts with a variety of Monster Lairs, each of which will continually spawn monsters. Each lair contains a set amount of monsters. Dispatching a monster will recover a set amount of SP and sealing a Monster Lair completely restores the Master's SP.

Sealing Monsters' Lair[]

While it's possible to depopulate a lair of each monster one-by-one, it's much more efficient to guide the people to build towards the lairs. If the people's path intersect that of a lair, they'll automatically seal it. It's essential to seal every lair, as the second Act is only available after sealing all lairs.