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Skull Head

The Skull Head after causing an Earthquake in Aitos.

The Skull Head is a monster found in Sim Mode, distressingly generated by Monster Lairs. This large monster takes quite a lot of punishment. Fortunately, it's usually benign and will simply hover above its lair. If it becomes active, however, the Angel must take immediate steps to destroy it. If left alone, the Skull Head will invoke an Earthquake, destroying all progress civilization has made thus far. The Skull Head's jaw will quiver rapidly and it'll settle to ground before causing the 'quake, so an observant Angel might be able to slay it before the monster finish the job.

A Skull Head can inflict enormous damage to the Angel by slamming into it bodily, and with much more speed and distance than expected. It's a good idea to save the Bomb! and Strength of Angel for these creatures.


Hit Points Damage SP Recovery
8 8 12