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The Unknowns

The Unknown also known as the Archangel is a entirely secret final boss that appears in the final level Alcaleone Act in Actraiser: Renaissance.


It appears to be a angelic humanoid that wears a robe, armor & leggings. It also has a halo on top of it's head and wears a mask.


sky swords - shoots swords down from the sky

circle swords - It will shoot swords out and around in a circle around the boss

angle swords - shoots swords down in an angle

center swords - swords go out and come back into the center

big swords - It will make a cross and shoot out at you

Electric orbs - will spawn on either side of the arena and will grow (and will drop crystals)


Jump attack when you can and move way depending on the sword patterns. You can back step through all of them as well as the big swords. You need to use ranged attacks like fireball to kill the electric orb and the boss takes extra damage from fireball. If you want to play it safe keep your distance and spam fireball.

This will complete the last quest of the realm and you will get a couple of achievements.